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Follow these easy-to-follow instuctions to complete a double spend.


Send the bitcoin you want to double spend and instantly double spend from this site (without awaiting confirmation). You own this address and private key.

Send First Bitcoin

This is the bitcoin that you will later be able to pull back to another wallet if you choose. Usually, you have a 5-10 minute window to do this. The best chance of success is when Bitcoin traffic is high.

Double Spend

The first bitcoin you sent will be rerouted back to you or another wallet, minus a 2.5% double spend fee. This fee helps support the hacker community with exploit bounties and other awards.


Send the total Bitcoin you want to double spend here (0.01 BTC minimum)

(This address is one-time use only)
Works best sending from a newly generated "fresh" wallet like those generated by Coinbase during high Bitcoin transaction periods (When there are at least 4 consecutive blocks that are more than 997kb in size on

Address: (loading...)

Please bookmark the unique URL once you reach step 2. It is the only way you will be able to return to your session.

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